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this work it became apparent that the cystourethro-
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cal data well can — that the specific influence of this
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epistaxis may occur comprise the majority of the se-
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tion to these, new directors were chosen to fill the places
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creased, the muscle liypertrophied, and the valvular
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It is fair to apply "normal" to the acts performed by
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seems that stovaine is not a cardiac depressant, al-
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dift'erent character or quantities. One of them said
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gastro-intestinal atony, convalescence, and all disorders
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for the purpose of giving him fresh air, a thing to
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WiLLcox, Charles, Major, Medical Corps. Ordered to re-
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deposits on the cornea, and in severe case exudates in the pupil
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reaction, the real index of the dose was relied upon
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much serious work has been done in a determined effort
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to the building of new institutions for the sick poor,
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widow, came from the theater and stayed all night. I
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Charles Adams, Chicago, Surgeon General of Illinois;
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the proper and efficient treatment of such cases as
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University of Edinburgh, etc. Eighth Edition. Phil-
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ture is essential to prevent deformities. Some form
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the onset of hemiplegia speaks in favor of the view
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(2) Glycogenolysis (the re-conversion of glycogen into dex-
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was of a few month's standing, but its incipiency had lx-en noted
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trating and effective weapons, but also afforded the
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bett ; second vice-president. Dr. E. F. Brennan ; recording
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lion, wolf, hart, mole ; and one of the fishes of the
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the State — and the failure of 28.1 villages — practically two
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leaving the private pavilion of one of our foremost
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earned her living as a cook. She was head cook at a hotel
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Spa Treatmeni. Selection of Patients and the Choice of
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tuberculous bone and joint disease, but it has been
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York will be held in the Y M. C. A. Auditorium. Buffalo,
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from transmissible diseases were reported to the Depart-
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With regard to diagnosis,\ it is practically impossible
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twelve weeks he came to the office and an x ray pic-
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said to have suffered much from sick lieadaclies. Father
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cording to the peculiarity of the special parasite and
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tember 22d, left Fort Hamilton en route to Fort Slo-
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calized in the lungs, simultaneously, or perhaps pre-
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more illogical — more beyond their understanding —
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thorough knowledge of pathologic histology, pathology, and
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Fig. 2. — (Patient B ) Shows a stomach similar in size, shape, and
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eased organ itself and diminish its activity by dimin-
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three months ago when he found that he was unable to
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ment of Health of the City of Chicago : Typhoid fever,