of distribution of an artery is diminished, as, for example, when
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from laryngeal stenosis; or the disease may spread down the trachea,
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should not therefore be given up, for the vomiting is seldom repeated.
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certain limits, directly proportional to its duration. That more blood
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lumen contracted. The peritoneal surface is injected, and presents, as
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or coarsely granular. The spleen is almost invariably much swollen,
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whole becomes a cloudy, sticky fluid. After a time the growth sinks to
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whey, the latter charged with calcium chloride, twenty grains to the
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wei'e previously healthy, and had not suffered from plague for many
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the respiratory organs against an invasion by tubercle bacilli. Again, we
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ed, at others it is increased, with frequent desire to expel the urine, or at
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pipes act as sewer ventilators, or into the air about the ventilating grids.
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have a marked neurotic disposition, either acquired or inherited ; though
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Nosologists have applied the name dropsy too indiscriminately ; they
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uninfected place. The first precaution, and probably the best, consists in
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occurred if the system had not been debilitated or rendered preternaturally
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out of a crew of 600. Most of the men were attacked, not when exposed
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apt to begin upon the tonsil or nvula. The margins of the mouth of
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siderations, is the fact that after successful protection the animal is capable
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changes, and the harmony or equilibrium of the whole organism be-
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is associated with the breaking down of the wandering cells, and is of
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dry situation, and he may be daily exposed to the fresh air, either by
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^ I can say from personal knowledge, that the limitations of the epidemic on the Volga
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the wound may appear healthy and even heal, and thrombosis, even if
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TuLLY. History of the Plague in Malta, Gozo, Corfu, etc. London, 1821. — 28.