only available when the uterus is in action ; and because of its tendency to
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becoming more apoplectic. These are distinguished from true
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list increased from 32 to 71, 88, 94, and 107 to its
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anything to his mouth, having little if any control of his hands. Sight much
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Special Examination*. —Two Gold Medals are given annually
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to consist of "cramps in the territory of distril)Ution of the hypoglossi,
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of periodicity being conceded, as I think it must be, we
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No evidences of syphilis. Over right frontal eminence was a
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matter of interest, especially in connection with the locahsatiou of func-
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stop to think that we are falling into the same habit' as
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that the ammonia may have been so far beneficial. The benefit,
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cases of the series. It is important to keep this in mind, as certain writers
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clears, but an encapsulated renal abscess remains. If, on the other hand,
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manifest inability to cope with median prostatic over-
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cough ; till two days before death the temperature was
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Sur un cas de fracture spontanee d une exostoso ostfeo-
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These two means are utilized in the principal methods of treating ob(»it\ , and
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high and firmly fixed, yet in both cases suffered infinitely
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any healthy wound. But the unknown power and resources
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drugs from persistent helplessness, try paraldehyd, beginning
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department at the Mayo Clinic, fully one-third developed symp-
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the precaution to do the operation in two periods, as his experi-
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sary ; they have been borne in very large quantities,
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in the presence of the exuded serum. The fibrin and serum were
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that a man is as old as his arteries has been bonie out by tbe teat of