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hardly perceptible ; and tlie breathing was less bronchial. The tempera-

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■" committing lunatics to prison instead of sending them to

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vescence was rapid, no complications ensued, and the desqua-

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was put on for four minutes, but there was no recovery in the

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in the Wards. Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital, Moor-

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.January 7th. occurred to me early last year as worthy of |a

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fluence of the obstruction upon general health, mental de-

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witli us that such "rough-and-ready experiments in clieap

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bolic. The author's observations did not correspond with

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last, but it does not include the name of any medical officer.

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adopted. Our correspondent states that a large number of medical

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27.9. and the suburban .17.0. There was a rf ma-kable outbreak of cholera

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the Board in their endeavours to do the best lor all in a

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entered the service as Assistant-Surgeon, September ."iuth, 187 1 ; became

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washed out in the process, while the resultitig solution might

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neurology, and in that province of medicine most of his work

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treatment against cholera, will deliver a lecture on/ this

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tozoa may not be in time artificially cultivated. It must be

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of professorships in the Paris Medical Faculty. On December

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Mr. MacAlister, with praiseworthy judgment, bought the un-

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Collins, Wanstead ; Mr. J. Chambers, Paris ; Mr. T. R. Cogal, Madrid;

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])eriod for varicella of fourteen days. My first little patient

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Buroeon-Captain Reginald Sleman (Artists R.V.) writes: With refer-

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3 The carbolic acid solution must be sterilised In order to destroy any

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ford; Dr. W. G. Hogg, London; Dr. C. H. R. Holden, Reading: F.

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Dr.Tke-3rockmau, V, G .5,0.^9 Langston, T. A. O. :....:.. 4,444

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received charge of Berhampore Gaol on December I3th,

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self by an authoritative name. There is an index of diseases,

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the one which they supply at a most moderate price, fitted with forty

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with the chloroform bottle, even when the slit was wide open,

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outside the normal situation. Tliere was a very marlied harsh

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and fallacious, and our craft clumsy and adventurous, but

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St. Faith's Union, has been awarded the grant for the second