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splenic leishmaniosis and internal leishmaniosis, caused
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one or more of them which characterizes and affords the
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in mind that the malaria may be masked. Startin the elder strongly
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By cultivating in agar-agar, in broth, and in milk (which it turns acid, but
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no mention here, but as an additional symptom of value,
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examination, the processus spinosus of the second vertebra
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has made good use of them. In addition to his own rich material he pre-
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many years after the original injury, but most of them occur within
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" We have read said paper, and have concluded it would best
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It resembles most the fatty principle of butter. Sometimes it is found in
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now employed, should be considered as satisfactory re-
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fifty years of age. Of Lewis' series of fibrillating cases, 52 per cent, presented
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well as those of an allied species, Adracanculoides, are used also
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and the father's mother had also suffered from the same affection.
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have very advanced motor inco-ordination, when their sensibility is almost