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Brown-Sequard (1859). Journal de la Physiologie de I'Homme, ii. 551.

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It would seem that this presents an opportunity for American capi-

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The maneuver of getting the patient on the back is a difficult one,

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count of the comparative novelty of the disease, and of

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Then there were pleas for the standardization of thera-

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is required. Now, how is this to be obtained ? We have in

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26. Wolf-Klein GP, Silverstone FA, Levy AP, Brod MS, Breuer SCJ:

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Average of all examinations after labor, 15,359 per c bic millimeter.

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year it amounted to 462, or nearly three times as many. No

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view with some apprehension their future liabilities in the

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chronic cervicitis, with one (I think) exception, which was a

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sequent loss of elasticity, is indicated by the absence

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The continued internal use of simple root of Sangtiinaria, especially

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from injury. The psychic effect is good because the patient

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If new for/ns o( disease have arisen, or if syphilis be itself

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they differ from states to which the term " inflammation'' may pro-

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Dr. Samuel McCIellan, President Censors— Amatus Robbins.*

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principle be not admitted, the decision which must necessarily follow would

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Louisiana Hosp Instls, Pers files of Dr Lewis H. Weed,

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tion rather than poverty or starvation that render the

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the circulation through the kidneys is interfered with, and so

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He then returned to business, although not entirely re-

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from the Koran similarly used among Moslems, are not