New-York in 1795 and 1796 ; (Trotter's Med. Naut. vol, ii. p. 304),
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the common and very useful practice is to administer a full opi-
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that after the introduction of Cochituate water in the
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he found himself nearly reduced to bankruptcy. His creditors became un-
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try to determine what shall be the treatment. Let me sup-
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at Plauen by Drs. Bochler and Koenigsdoerfler, eight,
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hours, the temperature of the water being reduced 5° each
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in two stages; first was done an excision of the breast and the axillary con-
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few granules scattered in the network of the nonrefrac-
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render any drug sufficiently palatable without runing the
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Is usually the result of bleeding, but some horses are
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him that such things are plentiful enough, they are easily
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to general treatment during the acute pains. Topical
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the absolute value of the normal systole (). We are able merely to
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spreading insidiously for two or three days before the substance of the cheek is
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epiglottis of probably four years' duration. Med. Rec. N.
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that these adhesions were of inflammatory origin, and that the inflammation
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previously gathered, was summed up in his celebrated monograph.*
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early mental insufficiency, there exists muscular invalidation merging
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hours later. A dilatation of the oesophagus was detected near its lower
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lated to the conferring of second degrees, was adverse to the sugges-
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aldehyde in the conditions produced by ordinary alcoholic beverages.
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it was also found that the pointed end of the pencil
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on account of the contained alcohol) may be tried; in exceptional cases
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Having made, with this technic, 125 negative examinations on thirty
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hagen ; Demme, of Berne, and Gosse, of Geneva, have proved it