Discussion.— TwEODORE Diller (Pittsburg) mentioned the
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the disturbance of mind. The microscopical examination also proves that
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is twofold and of great pathologic importance. That portion of the
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Dr. Moorhead, in reply to a question by Dr. Cahill, said the
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8 'The Bmbryologic Basis of Pathology. Charles Sedgwick
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' Diathermancy of the air at Sierra Madre (sixteen miles north of Los An-
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^ Read before the Indiana State Medical Society, May 12, 1893.
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candidate for the third district Democratic Congressional nomina-
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were present and failed to excite pus secretion ? It is
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or a p^^ular rash to fade under its influence. Let me
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edema of sufficient severity to interfere with the ad-
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there any amount of tissue-swelling worth noticing. There
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tina exfoliates and eliminates itself. Then only is it replaced
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ures in their early stages. When this process of treatment pro-
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deliberation of the jury, their recommendation to mercy, and
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tion. Amongst other guides the state of the blood-pres-
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contraction (Rieder, 11 Jonas 9 ), but Carman 12 has shown that
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then cutting around and beneath it. Sir William Gull
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that a bland antiseptic solution other than silver be used, and,
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the duration of either of these two periods, taken separately, is liable
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specific scarlet fever germ. This he obtained from cul-
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der way. Typhoid bacilli were obtained in pure cultures
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marked, may be followed by a troublesome diarrhea. The
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addressed. Group 3 treatment is similar to that in group 2,
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he suffered considerably from headache. He nevertheless
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in the symptoms followed, although in some cases sinking of the fontauelle
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being so low as to prevent changes in the inflections of the
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most recently acquired of all the fundamental forms of social conduct,
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termediate between the two other types of that one cannot avoid too carefully that
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Set up and electrotyped September, 1899. Reprinted June,
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glycerine being used up in the place of the glycogen, thus allowing
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It was urged by the spe^ikers that the professicn make an organized
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! balanced by the weight of the skeleton (about ten-and-a-half pounds in the
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pushing the matter to a discu-ssicni and a vote, which
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ing. Fever is persistent, var3-ing, as sliown by the thermometer, in dif-
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demarcation can be made out between the nerve and the retina.
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5. E. H. Yr2Lser,Journ. of Physiol., xxvii., 1901, p. 372.
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cavity of the lobular passage, but wide-mouthed and patu-
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term ossification. While the smaller arteries may become converted
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cheaper than the usual price by dickering. They will demand that
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bladder is found almost uniformly contracted and nearly !
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pressing effects of chloroform, and underrates its value in
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whom the prize of $100 from this Association was awarded
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the contrary upon the amount absorbed to Jv-ray treatment when the consent ot
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work is altogether exempt; in despite of such defects, which I am
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Frederick J. Brockway, ICD., College of Physicians and
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be bad continuously of the number and condition of pneu-