cular organs. At one time head affections predominate; at
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• Accurate and reliable bone density measurements
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necessary for the coagulation of the milk in the stomach
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be equally as effective. The usual antispasmodics — as asafoetida, vale-
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fair, and yet much resistance offered to the hand — but we are anxious to avoid
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and the Angina of Scarlet Fever by the Injection of a
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for some weeks, and the patient had put on weight, he found that when the
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sheep, 10 to 15 grains, every 1 or 2 hours, with an equal
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mentality. A mentality lacking in development, and defective
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1. A physiological misconception. In the first two years of
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those of the worst forms of syphilis, have followed
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Development and Course of the Syphilitic Node. — (1.) Proliferation
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elected to membership; and Dr. H. D. Fuller and Dr. L. H. Prince were taken
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shaped, non-supipurating chancre, irith indurated, bane
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lie.-. Those effusions Which take place in the cellular
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swelling has disappeared entirely. There is a return of the fever and
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27. FURSTNER. Neurol. Centralbl. Bd. xv. No. 15. 28. HENCK. Berlin, klin.
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facilitate removal. When rubber tubing is inserted, it is more satis-
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results have been an aggravation of the trouble followed by marked
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If the horse live for two or three days after the pleural symp-
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preceded the cancer by years. But this history cannot
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its largest circumference, which corresponded with that of the
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the name of " infectious pneumo- enteritis " (hog-plague, pig-
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small doses frequently repeated, copious enemata of tepid water, and
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of the Hunterian Oration last Saturday, at the Royal College of
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absence of periodic attacks of fever, the general features — ^loss of flesh and
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(b) At the time of primary rupture of the gestation sac, an event which
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tion of life to zero, and the reduction of the birth-rate to
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Sir William Macpheeson : May I suggest that the future as regards