Character and Disposition. — ^The habits are of great importance, and a
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ing on a corn binder, caught his right arm in a revolving wheel and belt. The
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line Form, clearly indicate that the forms of bodies are not "ultimate facts,"
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and a less quantity of chloroform is required. Chloroform can be
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question what is to be done with him becomes more and
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and must vary according to the activity of respiration.
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Growi:h in bouillon cultures at 37° C. was inhibited by 8 per
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cation of the regular hospital incomes. When the surgeon in charge
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the majority so inured were able completely to resist it. As in
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It has been my experience that you generally have to treat the family
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ployed with success, and which is briefly referred to in
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to water, hydrated oxychloride of antimony is precipitated. By this process
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out by Dr. Woilaston, an immediate precipitate appeared.
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many months will not elapse before very definite evidence will be
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and almost uninterrupted somnolence. The infected animals die in
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a mere pile of clippings, whereas in fact it is evident that each article
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does not appear that the air from such a sewer discharged
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asepsis or thoroughness, that it seems worth while to de-
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This aseptic trephine, it will be seen, is somewhat similar to the
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vessels ; on the inner surface it was lined, at least in
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which was admitted at the same time, on the same night, and
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under treatment at the Cancer Hospital, and the tumor
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formed for ileus successfully within ten days after
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the influence of their teaching was the well-known anatomist and
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Medicine and Surgery, who are, for the most part, at present deprived of any
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nodes, etc. In the interpretation of these cases of disseminated
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In all these instances the symptom was of no importance from the point
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fistula; operation. Med. Era, Chicago, 1896, xii, 212-
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In the sobering-off process the most striking thing is
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Case II. — Mr. J. operated on several times with the litho-
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classes, each of which is recognised by the shape and size of its
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done which could be, since there was no power to enforce any
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