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extracted the insect in the presence of numerous spectators, and
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washed out with a solution of 1 to 30 of carbolic acid.
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Dr. U. 11. r.\lJ.\Mt)KK said he was interested in the cause of the red
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The spongy substance is found within the bones, and at (he extre-
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statements on which history is based, they, however, require
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for months and months. However, "it's an ill wind" —
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eases may eoutiinu' foi- two or tliree weeks or even lonj^er. Keeoveries
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fren. 1898, xxiv. p. 313. 3. BINDER. L'cbcr Myoclonie, Berl. 1894. 4. BOETTKJER.
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genera] symptoms which result from the lesion. In cases of fracture
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answer to the action. — Mr. D. Keane, on the part of tbe
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like the rest of the face and neck. Hearing is unaffected.
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of the case, the tumefaction and secretion both gradually subside, and the
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should study the power of the patient to assimilate carbohydrates
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months past have scarcely troubled her at all whilst she has persisted
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Genital and peh^ic diseases are A^ery common among na-
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impressive. It was a new era in American medicine. May we not hope that
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phrase of Lining, " no one having received the yellow fever in the city,
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rule, lies four inches from the pylorus, and therefore simulates pyloric
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laxis is less liable to follow a massive initial dose of serum.
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help us strengthen our role in the legislative process.
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is equilibrated, the metabolic equilibrium is restored, the
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man did not make the fires until seven o'clock, and that he himself did not know-
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from the bottom of the Thames, who are accustomed to drink from two
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for action." There was considerable alarm at first among the nurses, and
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anxiety, deformity and possible danger to life by acci-
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deceased patients and in those still living is shown in Table