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(Reported by Mr. R. Shi.voleton Smith, House-Physician.)
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overworked heart will here be found to have a weak and irri-
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which leads into the frontal sinus. By means of this
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to cross about half the extent of the " Liberal Arts " before
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question. In passing, however, it may be germane to state that
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A symptom which has come prominently to the attention of the
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line [Zollausland] and which, without being first brought to a proper
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personal danger from the refractory and homicidally-disposed
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Leudet refers to two cases noticed by liokitansky and Lebert, where the col-
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21. Also [Abstr.] : Opbtb. Rev., Loud., 1880, v, 341-353 —
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but incisions did not reveal any ecchymosis. The whole of the
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the lowest point in the aortic notch at right angles to the liori-
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layer of angioblastic cells. As compared with those of
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tropical Africa. It is said to be rare in Central America and
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should be kept in the coolest part of the house; the clothing
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ively or simultaneously a certain number of houses, sometimes near at,
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necessarily coexistent. Again, it must not be forgotten that environ-
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after a depletion, its action was less marked than in a frog not so
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to avoid its cumulative action. On account of the stimulant
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require any introduction. Write for illustrated matter.
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equally to fail in another, epidemic, the difference being due to variations as
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If we compare together the low tension pulses of typhus at its height