scopical examination and nothing otherwise abnormal was found.
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such diseases as goitre, ancemia, and perhaps in phthisis.
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Who does not wish to know more about the mechanism of the
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to have a more direct curative effect in some cases of aneurism; and expe-
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treating various conditions by means of electricity, but said
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a fungus) Fission-fungi, or Bacteria ; (2,) Blastomycetes (BXacrriy, a
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France. Five thousand francs have been bequeathed to the
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and thrombosis. Cerebral meningitis is attended by more intense local
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cent cause of twenty-seven deaths out of a population
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As to the second question proposed, in regard to lesions
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Nestor Tirard, M.D. Svo, 632 pages. Lea Brothers & Co.,
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in albumen and in cells. The main distinction, however, is that they appear
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any thing really essentially connected with the disease ; nor has
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the right hand, so as to assure himself of the precise position and relations
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neutralization has been accomplished, the medium is again rendered
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loses power, often rema'ins rapid, small and compressible, and may
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300 cases receiving 5 to 7 c.c. of antitoxic globulins treated at the
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justified the use of starters, the result being a reduction of losses
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Serum agglutinating the typhoid bacillus at I : 2000. Current passed for six hours.
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