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32 ounces of fluid removed, of the same clear character.

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that which Casagrandi and Barbagallo had studied. These latter authors

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vigorous attempts were made to purify the city, in anti-

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representatives, who have assembled here to discuss scientific subjects,

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1779, during Avhich it was observed at Java (Batavia), and about

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urethra and ureter were regarded as unlikely. The au-

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argue that in all the cases where relative or complete recov-

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daily record of visits for twenty-five or fifty patients a

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In order to promote the discussion I prefer to classify the disease into

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or some other recognised operation." On the whole, he thought retro-

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edited men and trained lawyers to bear upon the facts A proper analysis ,

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Vaccination with soluble substances elaborated from the rabic microbes

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Slightly drowsy yesterday; very drowsy to-day. Says she

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lower half of the abdominal walls, and also with marked

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plague of Constantinople, which broke out in 544, when Justinian

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To produce sufficient light in internal cavities, to guide the surgeon in his opera-

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protracted starvation, scurvy, and other debilitating causes; (4.)

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inguinal hernia for some time, it came down, and he returned it himself,

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low fever and 30 deaths. Total cases, 280 ; deaths,

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tion, and without any putrefaction of the discharge. The amputation was fol-

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tanks, being prolific sources of mosquitoes, should be covered, preferably

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Edition limited to 1000 copies. Restricted in its sale to

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LABOR SAVING: The American Medical Publishers' Association is prepared to

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description of the symptoms. These can be easily learned if you

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four days in as fatal a form as the cholera of 1865,

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small and irregularly formed, and the ischium is wanting. On the left side the

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Hospital, Baltimore, MD, 1964. Residency, University of

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were giving an impetus toward developing a better knowledge

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probably limited to the third lumbar segment. In these cases

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Salivation occurs when pilocarpine is injected into the gland

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The next meeting is to be held at Chattanooga on the