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reproduction by offspring of parental characters, is after all a
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duction of saline and stimulating fluids into the blood was
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the room, or supporting his head on a stand or pillow, with a
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group of communicable diseases, and especially such as are
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the development of fresh " apple jelly " nodules, which are usually
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in people past middle life. But it was very significant to ob-
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by dissecting a longitudinal diamond-shaped strip of mucous
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in contact with him. He thought that there could be no
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is thus, indeed, that suppuration takes place at the surface of an ulcer ; it
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absorbed by a harmless element, if the latter be eaten, the
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ageal sound was used, through which a glass of milk ana 1 j
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eiicli respiratory act, and tlie ahsence of moti(¬Ľn of the
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lower participate ; or the twitching may be limited to one lid, in which
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vi (1 l.),397 i)p. 12 . Wien, IT. Braumiillei; 1876.
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limits. 3. By means of the pneumatometer, we may show with cer-
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(c) Every effort will be made by the division surgeon to dispose
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tested based upon the " Point Scale Schedule " of Yerkes and
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of the American Practitioner and News, Louisville, Ky.
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tions ; to reduce the heat of the body and the force of the circulation,
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when I have examined the rectum for another purpose.
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reference to the standard of attainments that should be required, before 7
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There is still another table of deaths from scarlet fever
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flagging energies of the system, when the spasms have subsided, for its
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tion legislation provide that the State Board of Medical