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de Va.isogue laoiit-octobre 1884). Union nied. et .sclent,
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the glottis, and even into the bronchial tubes, in the mucous mem-
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belief that much good, with little risk, would result from a carefully-conducted
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.! the eye micrometer contracted t<> 1<» ; another that measured la contracted
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same conditions as lactic acid. Pepsin and rennin are usually to be found.
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11. In the diagnosis of renal tumors, the cystoscope
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findings have since been corroborated by Dr. M. F. Porter.
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He favors the use of Young's tractor, and recommends allowing
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close contact with the sisters throughout the illness. Two years later, when
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Clouston as to its complex structure, but that fact he thought
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,,.i,.,.', ,„,,.,„.,. n,.v.,„ u..-,:,.,i ,,, J, „,.,„„,,„„, I,, i„ ,„„,,,„,,., I,,,;
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carried into the shade. Visiting a patient near by at the time, I was sum-
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the catarrhal symptoms predominated, and that it was at this
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hearing due to nasal troubles will disappear. (5) Deaf-