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center of the organ. The constricted part barely admits two fingers. . Along the external
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and Lewis Schooler^and [.others'of Polk county, ^be'dropped. The report
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The Society having been called to order, M. Besnier
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opinion, has enabled him to increase the percentage of cures of
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come puriform, in such as are old, feeble, cachectic, or scrofulous.
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colon, there was a hard nodular fixed tumour the size of a cricket Ijall,
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its form, and these changes have not yet been fully worked out ;
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measure is a valuable adjunct in resisting certain influences of heredity.
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and diversified irritating causes incessantly acting upon infantile systems,
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to associated peritonitis, was a troublesome symptom.
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system. When the gastric and intestinal secretions are defective from
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The inhalation of a dust-laden atmosphere is in itself, therefore, probably
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bing and massage. Every morning a glass of Rubinat,
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arrest of the circulation took place still more slowly,
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2 cases 5 baths only were given ; in i case, 4 baths ;
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which stood in his name. But, on perusing the exact
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onstration). — Dr. John W. Keefe of Providence, R. I.
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very justly remarks that the man who believes this doctrine, exhibits
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whisk, and strain it through a hair-sieve into the saucepan
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Mann, J. Dixok, and I. Walker Hall, Obstruction of the Inferior Vena
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formed in the ordinary way, the needle being connected
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of gout, and especially in connection with irregular
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sufficiently aggregated to be visible. The nutrient vessels ramify in the
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rales, their absence on repeated examinations exclud-
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measuring the time, accurately, required to produce a slough ; using the same
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tive" light-therapy. The latter rests upon the knowl-
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adherent in front, and thickened and opaque posteriorly ; but there was no
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jUarmed, however, by the large quantity of black blood that
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for the violent female patients, which was finished in the autumn of 1854. This