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Sir James Y. Simpson, in a lectured on Pelvic Cellulitis, states
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soluble in water; rcadilv soluble in alcohol. Used as a substitute
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pepsine wine, to be given immediately before or after each meal. Soon after
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stances extra clothing is often therapeutic. The carelessness of young
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the manner in which this movement has been inaugurated, and from
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which is inherent in the genus homo, it can be readily understood that
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glands and the entire system, to which we ascribe the
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for practical purposes there are but two types: (1) The Bassini
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Experiments, he Considered as Virulent Diphtheria Ba-
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sequent extrusion of the tent, it is well to give an opiate,
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is twelve days, so that the boy must have taken the infection
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causes a physical degradation of the human race exposed
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the same yellow marbling as in calves, hepatization in circum-
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one of a hi^y neurotic family. He has one sister, who is healthy
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auspices of the American Medical Temperance Associa-
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quently this gives them a peculiar character. The bronchial veins return all
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The child, four years of age, had suffered from an,
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26. Bonica, J. J. : Disturbi cardiovascolari durante
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general excitement, it has lately happened that more than one
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geons, he served the usual term in Bellevue Hospital. Very
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We must not wait until a tumor can be felt. We must
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The influenza epidemic was, of course, the greatest disturbing ele-
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displayed great ignorance and great want of judgment, just as
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sjicred : It appears to me to be nowise more divine nor
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and clso pain referred to the rectum, was turbid and contained sev-
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whether it is something connected with the toy pistol.
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