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minutes). The preserved film showed trypanosomes quite unmodified.
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of the doctors who make up that Society. (4) Emphasis
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long. To those, indeed, who suffer from more than one relapse,
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39.4° C), often accompanied by vomiting, and at times by
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and their attention to their comfort in their barracks. In this respect
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The kitchen. Effect of cooking on foods. Roiling, stewing, soup-
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other than the middle cerebral artery, within the anterior
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in a more or less high degree, and is often pressed tightly forward
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But suppose the General could now come back to the town
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posterior abdominal wall, but it is more difficult by any
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ligament, which they must do to be efficient. This is
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precautions, with the advantage of increasing the number of specimens
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called upon to pay for their maintenance in proportion to their ability and
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led ; in consequence, the patient will experience repeated returns
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passed into the oesopliagus under the carbolic acid spray.