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or cuts cannot exist on the same part of the clothes, without one or more

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and shorn of vain repetition — may worthily find a place upon the

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diabetes was recognized before the high blood-pressure or before

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intensity in the first right intercostal space. Over the

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these points, the disease may be conveyed to the mucous

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essential pathological anatomy of Addison's disease, it is generally

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the extract and placed in the middle meatus of the nose. The patient

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Relation of Anaphylaxis to Endotoxins. — The fact that the great

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Montgomery, W. P. : Medical Chronicle, April, 1902.

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**43. Complete fractures, with large spiculae, and involving both bones of the

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lished in San Francisco, and it is " entered as second-class

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Belonging to the type of ventricular escape for which depression

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imitated, so far as pain and wasting are concerned, by

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treatment of open fever, where the necessary depletion and

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logical researches of Bulkley have shown that the epidermis and rete

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Examiuer in Physiology and Comparative Anatomy in the University of London.

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uneasiness. As the proportion of transuded serum becomes gradually in-

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water was placed upon a stand above the patient's head ;

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strains, but absorption tests showed that the cross-agglutinations

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Dr. Beach, of Boston, was the tirst in this region to

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At the com^mencement of last century, the premier question of preven-

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Whatever spiritual sins of mine may he stricken from the

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and like food, drink, and every medicine which had been given,

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Animal become infested by the germs entering through wounds

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which either normally display amoeboid changes, or are

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qualified ladies who had sufficient leisure time to devote an

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that the interstitial areolar, tissue was, as it were, bathed in a reddish

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effect of these injections in a large hospital, and he would only

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greater proportion of false membrane, which united in one mass the larger nervons trunks

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intensity is provided by the oil. Further experimental evidence

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scene, — one seldom witnessed in a Hospital. [Note. Mr.

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half a millimetre. Two platinum wires are fused into the

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of the hinder extremities of a tortoise whose brain and*" spinal cord had been

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cases with Argyll-Kobertson pupil. The efferent path of the sympathetic

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