therefrom, military prisons, supply depots, etc. Department com-

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very different from those caused by inhalation. No signs of

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pulse may become so quick and irregular that it cannot be counted. When

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Most of the partisans of occult science were restless

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appearance and relieved of the severe itching by Ront-

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much less severe (vomiting being absent, and the pain being confined

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Nov. 18, 1916, Mangabey 53, paralysis progressing ; 2.5 c.c. Serum 96. Manga-

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quite large. Decided enlaxgement is generally noted by the sixth

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only to pure physiologists, but to all medical men who have any

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standing of the oxidation problem it is easy to compre-

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base, was heard twenty times, and was probably dependent upon anaemia,

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subjects than in normal healthy persons. It follows that the

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an unsolved problem. What causes the spreadinf^ of the disease

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have been reported, with four recoveries. Case 1. Operation by Dr. De

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Absolute rest and a light dry diet were enjoined, while

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the summit of this fulness, in which, the father asserts,

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but we think tliey make a mistake in undertaking duties which

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abscesses. All I can say is, that I never had any, and I doubt

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1895 e. — Investigations into the origin of bots in the stomach of the dog. [Ab-

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five minutes to an hour and a half, he took one of the

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am not aware of any observations which lend support to any of these

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Aseptic and Bloodless Extirpation of the Rectum. —

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with the exception of one relapse following the eating of a

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patient left the table in a state of profound shock, pulse-

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essentials. Only when the daily nutrient intake is fully

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whole leg by pulling the foot away from the hip will increase

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