us to make at least a probable diagnosis and one sufficient to war-
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Leipz., J897, xiv. 149-170, 2 pi. — Preiswerk (G.)' Bei-
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wire can be passed from the central slit into the holes in the bone
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by fleas taken from the infected breeding-cage. The method
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The bark is imported from Bolivia in South America, and the preparation I
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Xew York," determined not to be behindhand of its European
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example, the teeth being placed at a distance from each other,
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which fine elastic fibres and round or spindle-shaped cells lie embedded.
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in review, carefully scrutinising the interior of every
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in this branch of investigation, and in those branches of medicine
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numerous upon the legs, next so on the thighs and fore-
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the legs — may also be applied to the spine. Give Catnip tea or
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might it be more advantageously investigated. Hitherto the sub-
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of Senna, as our facilities and equipment are exceptional and our best efforts devoted
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of this painful spasm — intermittent claudication, that is — ^arteritis
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If there is infection of the bladder, great care should be taken; the bladder
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But the more permanent tissues, such as the bones, also undergo some
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place over the whole surface of the individual, as well as by
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we are indebted for many other daring operations. It was
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banquet of this Association is to be given this evening at the
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arises we run the risk of perpetuating the series. Yet the control of
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latent, the patient's general health is excellent. Sometimes, however, the
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but in all probability these have no causative relation to the disease
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" twist" method, more quickly than the ligature, and presents the great
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senting 2.0 . 10- 8 of hydrogen ions, would reveal itself, for instance, through column 6
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5.45 75 107.2 28 Complains of pain in the spine and the back
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others may occasionally arise, but by care- do all that a school can do to properly iu-
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stomach juice had oozed out of the small incision during one of the
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effect of painful stimuli was not tried, but the patient stated
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and tubercles, more rarely with caseation. Primary tuber-
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We found the right side of the child's scrotum edematous. All
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which was isolated as measles, but never developed any symptoms other than
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of the plasma, of the whole blood, and of the defibrinated blood a,re identical. Never-
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terminated fatally. It was doubtful whether, if the
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by the growing from it, towards the centre of the yelk, of a pair of-
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leaving their exact application to the articles which deal with the diseases
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Two conditions must be present to make a ground water hard: