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Whole nuin%6r of deatha In Boston, for the week ending May 5, 34. Males, a^-Pemala, It

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consequences, both good and evil, according as it is well or ill applied^

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undergo fatty and hyaline change. This infiltration of round cells is

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The peculiarity of the fever consisted in a nervous restlessness and

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Synonyms. — Plumbism ; Saturnine Poisoning ; Painters' Colic ;

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rest alone cannot recover it. The carbonaceous ingredients of the blood may not

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of the manner in which the Jewish High Priest sought for the evidences

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diarrhosa, and salivation, he died. A quart of blood was taken from the

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Chaulmoogric acid itself cannot be used owing to the sparing solubility

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of the gluteal muscles. It is absolutely necessary that the skin of the

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case ends fatally the patient becomes more profoundly collapsed, the

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arrest of development may take place before this obliteration is complete, in

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parts of the body. The enlargement is painless, and is unaccompanied by

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In cases of typhoid fever the urine becomes of a deep ruby-red colour, and

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proceeded as before ; the os uteri, however, now dilating and yieldii^

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curve in the opposite direction. One shoulder blade projects out, and

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organs, and rends the veil which has enveloped the whole mystery of

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are still in the plastic stage are compelled or allowed to take part in such

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In exceptional cases no wound can be found, nor is there any history of

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contractions and of muscle and nerve tonus. It is impossible to pro-

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mulation at or near the point, which constitutes the swelling and hard-

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