tinuous use of small doses of Fowler's solution does favorably influence
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I will now proceed to describe those cases in which the
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not cicatricial tissue rather than restoration of the
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tive cases in the author's private jiractice in which the disease began
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on the cinchona alkaloids, and is contuned in the bark, especiallj
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about it so great, that the evacuatinn of the pus is not a radi-
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generations. Fewer than 10 per cent, of the cases could be considered suc-
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and absence or irregularity of pulse, apoplexy, arcus se-
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drainage. The cavity gradually closed and the woman returned home on
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nation ; and he must to a corresponding degree be held responsible, for
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lunacy investigations. Perhaps the most extraordinary part of
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cal restraint," or other means of repression, would be an evil substitute for
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by Van Swieten's solution, in doses of grs. ss ; 59 were
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plains of pain in the breast, chest, and back, and there is tenderness over the abdomen
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says, is another instance of this, for Dr. Rose Bradford has
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peared in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. In three to four days the blood
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somnia, and depression of spirits. Failure of the heart's
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portion of the fluid contents of the amnion, perhaps labour would not
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The phenomena here referred to are doubtless of general distribution.
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effort, without nausea, and without gastric troubles ; the vomit may consist of
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lead, zinc, or copper. I have found it far superior to gallic acid.
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producing intense exhaustion of the power of the vaso-motor
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septic surgery, the other upon the history of ansesthesia.
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require definite data relating to the Veterinary Service. These
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York Hospital, ether only was given, and that among conscientious
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It has a stimulating effect on the tissues. It can be
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and half a grain of sulphate of copper or zinc, to the
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out on the public. Figures are twisted and juggled.
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ceived the support of many respectable practitioners, there are not