doses. The former commences with two or three drachms of the extract

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the heart, the liver, the brain, or the bowels, are sympathetically affected

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until his retirement in 1949. He is a past president

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septic dressings, the proportion is completely changed. Of seven cases in which

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J. A. Smith respecting the fever in the Mauritius, Mr. Adderley

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Government inspector, whose duties frequently required him to

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in reading it one cannot excuse the author whatever high motives

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The House of Delegates was called to order by the President, Dr. J. W.

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animal and vegetable— goes to show that the ancients

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When led or ridden up to some little obstruction, such as a bar or rail lying in the road,

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ney itself, either enlarged, or displaced by some growth.

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compatible with life, and need not be considered here.

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fever, ascites, or peritonitis, are evidences of the interference with the

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Lymphatic Vessels or Glands exercise on the Fluid they

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even this alone is enough to call for instant measures to subdue