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Dr. J. It. Lothrop, at Rainsford Island Hospital, in which an abscess mia
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morning, her pulse, which had been at 'JO, suddenly
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my thyroid gland began to swell. The additional fact that this
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that thev belong there than in the seriously questioned
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changes which rendered their application inadmissible, if,
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paralysis, have shown that, by means of tiiis agency, impor
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fuchsin having first been placed upon the cover slip, the latter is held
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habit, age, and temperament. In the plethoric and robust, the pulse
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arteritis presents a great analogy to senile gangrene, which may take place
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congestion. Useful confirmatory evidence may often be obtained by
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in its halcyon glory, Bichat remarked that although this humoral pa-
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Bearing in mind quinine poisoning, I split the dose of two and one-half grains
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Paris: J.-B. Bailliere et Fils. 1860. 8vo, pp. 157.
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decoction for colds and fevers, and the plant is bound aronnd
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short — length two or three times greater than their breadth, ends rounded,
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we frequently act in opposition to our strongest inclinations.
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would appear to have been attended with more satisfactory results in
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of weight or diminution of muscular tone, and one should be most
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impulse; there is a slight systolic bruit audible at the apex
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become very marked upon the slightest movement, and
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as models or samples of cures, but merely as proofs of the truth
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cutaneous syphilide, in so far that no fresh spots appear,
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subject of gunshot wounds in a society of surgeons in civil life
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individuals as well as the business interests of many
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on one side, the major fragment swings to the injured side, the
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ing untreated portion of the ear. This increased inflammatory response can only
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in the gr(jup of general trophoneuroses of the skin, but I thought
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impossibility to control the patient when he is away
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physical and x-ray examination and send the patient to a sanatorium
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of Bright's disease, especially because the subject will be dealt with
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of the nervous system in general ; not a destructive disorder,
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other is not. The non-contagious variety may be the result of
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upon for their personal knowledge of the events described.
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equals one-tenth by volume. Excess of gas in the former tube