when the individual exposed is at the time labouring under a
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zette, for December, Prof. Austin Flint has a clinical lecture upon
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have been easily recognized by the method which he was
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nervous roots pursue a similar course in the gray cornua with those which go
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disease. Dr. Purdon remarks that as yet his experiments with it have been
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expressions in a medical magazine, when at least three-fourths
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wound. Mueller (see Kelly's article, American Journal of
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Smith, of Pomona; second vice-president, Dr. D. L. Beckingsale, of Chino ;
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patient was liable to have intracranial hemorrhage at
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and will be no doubt again repeated. But will the authorities
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maxillary bone, the actinomycotic granulation substance may
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of unequal volatilisation become still more exaggerated, and
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on three different professional chloroformists and asked
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greatly aggravated by the intestinal irritation. I believe that the old
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The Chairman referred to a case that he had seen, in a girl
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course of the disease is attained during the hot stage which immediately
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of the problem, if conditions are found under which the further
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eases, 67; Sutherland, Septimus, Old London's spas,
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hydrolysis expressed in the percentages of one gram hydrolysed to maltose.
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the impression that the skin after the systemic incorporation of serum
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Gastric Neuralgia. — A very distressing case of this kind lately
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eral. Granted leave of absence for one month, with per-
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well, of Transylvania University (founder of that most suc-
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quent necrosis produced by transverse compression of the cord, may lead
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executed. In teaching of the children and nursing of the sick, and
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and for the most part accompanied by distressing hiccough.
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antiquity may seem to have nothing wherein it may exceed us,
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pylorus will improve and become more satisfactory as
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attitude towards the patient, and show her he recognizes that
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