over it ; the answer again is in the negative; but there
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described was not recommended to a beginner in sur-
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and forty-two physicians from all over this continent have attended
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only thirty-five days, and a cord of white oak ninety-one days ; a
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form, it becomes a matter of extreme difficulty, if not
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protest against the shortsightedness which fails to recog-
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had originally introduced, was left undisturbed by the
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arm for carrying large objects such as a stuffed animal or
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established fact that the meningococci isolated from the same naso-
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women dying from alcoholism. From the same causes, there are, both
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Treatment. — The first and most important consideration is to give
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a patient of Mr. Gant, to whose kindness I am indebted for
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es. The tremours, however, occur, although the affected part
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probably exercising a potent influence in determining the pre-
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gions ; yet there are hundreds of practitioners whose time
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the urine, even after a single alcoholic excess, often contains abnormal
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forms realize different but continuous degrees of intoxication.
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ble : Suspension of the head between the hands ( by
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cells, mast cells, connective-tissue cells, and some extravasated
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Library and Journal Association by Dr. Speir, November ITth:
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The case I select for this purpose — one of a class not unfre-
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percussion over the entire top of the right chest, an-
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ratory system in typhoid fever is mainly applicable to typhus. The
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pars membranacea, widely patent foramen ovale and duplication
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up and temporarily secured by a strong silk ligature before
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pleased to listen to your views and experience, provided you have
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which a tap upon the patellar tendon was not followed
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precisely, when the following papers will be read : — " On the
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are precipitated and form the nucleus of a clot. Its twofold
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February 28th. — No improvement in the condition of
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profitable employment of time to most of our esteemed readers and
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slightly soluble in ether. According to Dr. Kber, eseridine is far less
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experience of dysentery (bacillary) in Indian gaols,
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For similar reasons, the disease frequently becomes much worse
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An exemplification of both the progress of the phlogistic
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It has been well said that " Avant of decency is want of sense " ; many
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that pursued by himself in the University and Bellevue Hos-
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' It will doubtless bo remembered that this liospital was the last American
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had lasted no more than four hours. After the subsidence of this ori-
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hours. In the case of the Countess of Goerlitz, it was proved that she had retired
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Registrar, waited upon the Secretarj- of State, who received
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courpound comminuted fractures of the face. Brooklyn
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