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arteriosclerosis exceedingly common and well marked in the

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to the most deplorable condition, having frequent convulsions, with loss of

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opposite effect. The comment of a religious journal

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Instruction of Epileptics. — The superintendent of schools-

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Senuns In Tlierapeutl<». Vioai. — With the exception of

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Weichselbaum's description, and the same was found in all

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and now in San Francisco, Cal., to proceed to Manila, P. I., for

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Title to be announced. Henry Waldo Coe, Portland, Ore.



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temperature of the room, and the quantity of sugar present,

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She would be walking about, apparently in good health, conversing cheer-

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ceptance of positions with the federation by any of its members.

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to ward off the acute and alarming symptoms of some

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weeks I substituted Seutin's bandage for that before employed, to the great

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instead of horizontal, and projection of the cartilagin-

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facts upon which his opinion is founded are in issue, his testi-

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than the skin, or occipito-frontalis, or mere indentations of the skull. When

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attention to the proposal of remedial agents by non-medical men, but the

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second, bladder drainage, a K6laton catheter in the perineiun,

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Edward 6. Beeson, captain and asst.-surgeon, 39th Infantry.

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The fifth operation consisted in amputating the thumb

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it is as certain an antidote to arsenious acid as albumen is to corrosive

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erection of the Nurses' Home was accepted. This does not in-

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Dyscrasia. — The subject of this case has been repeatedly affected with

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with sulphuric acid contaminated with arsenic, which was used

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objections to which any agent whatever is liable, if modified so as to be

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ing six days at the temperature of the laboratory. The pro-

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up each cavity separately, beginning with the antrum, which

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ited by a urine of low specific gravity, the occasional presence

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II other patients to whom he administered the santonin, in

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In another communication I intend to complete the details of the plan of

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Armory. The grounds of the university will be illuminated

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passing over Lieut. C. on its way to the ground, and compressing the chest

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