under the auspices of Abeniethy, Lawrence, Skey, and others,
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mended to her by the physicians of that institution,
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They exist also on the limbs, according to Pitres and
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poisonous toxin produced by the bacilli. These furnish the strongest
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ganism." As an echo of this diagnosis Farnham again
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parole in twelve months. The average time of detention
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he should remember that the man in practice is just as able as he is to
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the vomitus. This patient presented well marked white lines extending
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1. Kaposi. Hautkrankheiten, 4th ed. 1893, p. 180. — 2. Idem. Maladies de
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recognition, and whose disquisitions will exemplify practical obstetrics.
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that he should greatly limit his practice verity of labor, after being tried most of
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added through a surviving kidney, found that the addi-
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were no enlarged veins or other noticeable changes, but the bones were
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Secondly, if made in the form of a solid box, incapable of being
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The Surgery of the Stomach. — The remarkable and epoch-
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fail where the head is relatively too large for the pelvis. This is apt to
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compounds, sugar, blood, pus, mucus, calculi, &c. It is
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went down and one went up. A little negro boy came along with a
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First, " The inability to keep the dioptric system or the visual
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This leads up into the condition shown in figure 3, 6. Here is a
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entameba. This is an epitheloid cell, sometimes found in
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usiuLC wronir words, but, after a few days. he recovered his speech, altheiiuh,
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adequate proof; the special cause requires for its development or efiS-
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smooth towels wrung out of hot saline solution, but if the
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guished member of the choir of Christ Church Cathedral in this
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It is well for you younger members to know that these resolu-
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of urine, and passed a catheter. From this time all the symptoms of stone,
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hours before the recurrence of tlie fever. The history of intermittent
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before the illness. In twenty of the cases hyperthyroidism was
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of Washington. A resolution was adopted that in view
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and destroyed, but occasionally he found newly formed fibers which arose
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are to movements of the globe rather to action of individual muscles, and
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the dressings and the wire net for the instruments, two
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spinal injuries is naturally unpromising. The damage to
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articles is called in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, is signed
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The injection is made about the rate of 1 c.c. every ten
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engaged in handling the soil ; or, it may be, in earth
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tion of Different Epidemics, Suitable Sanitary Preventions, §'c. Illus-
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materials : this is anabolism and katabolism. Some of the lower animals ])ossess only
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undertaking was really a nephrotomy, and although the
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records that in one-half of 24 cases the process began
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the physical diagnostician, that their studies are of little
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detection. This is observed in fevers, and when head symptoms become de-
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separate apartment. It was then brought by the proprietor himself, and,
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des Parletalauges bei Anguis fragilis und Lacerta vivi-
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brisk fire; stir in the lampblack; allow the mixture to burn
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