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Chloroform, and other Narcotic Drugs, including the Etiology, Treat-

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stance to be changed into a soluble form ready for elimination. From similarity

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metal cup, arranged either on the same plane or at right angles

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then closed and kept closed during the remainder of the analysis.

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half a grain of opium, to be taken with a dofe of the effervefcing

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1881 a.— Trichinosis. [Letter] < Veterinarian, Lond. (640), v. 54, 4. s. (316),

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infrequent, as he made it a rule to examine carefully

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the knee — ^hyperextend it — it may occur in this way: A person, in

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A telegram to 7 he Lancety from Dr. Lauder Bnmton, now

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6. Sustaining or supporting measures — The measures of this class con-

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that certain agents notably affected temperature, and quoted

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expressions in a medical magazine, when at least three-fourths

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covered that the caecum was matted and tied down Kj^g

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Permanganate of potash is useful in quantities of one or two

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trustees, students, and friends of the college. The students

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(from corrosive liquids) is obtainable, the presence of a simple stricture may be

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organ is rare. Rupture of the capsule from traumatism, and the rupture

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the death agony. The peritoneum may show scattered small hemor-

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only safety is in the induction of premature labor. Dr. Barker expressed

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date present in the pleural cavity at various intervals after injection

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attempt did not prosper. I was attacked on the plains by a