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nation or partial clumping only, and this only in low dilution.

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brutal murder ; to hang him would revolt the feelings of the

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on the flexures of joints, and on the abdomen, lliere

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the red cells and an excess of urobilin and urobilinogen in the urine

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Ans. — We should say not, according to the spirit of the Code.

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in his stomak & bowels, & one hole in his stomak y' a man's fist

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days' rest, the general "enlargement remaining. Dr. Wardell

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several domains of physiology, zoology, anatomy, path-

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such an important bearing upon the result of the grave malarial in-

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the opposite side of the sac and the end of the trocar carried

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pressure, however, falls upon the inner side of the

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grew worse and died on the fortieth day of her illness. During

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animal ceases to react to this (as evidenced by the lack

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These very delicate vessels and membranes are dependent

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in the heart by symptomatic treatment, sought to estab-

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seen since this table was prepared.) Only one case of Korsakoff's

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bronchopneumonia. In many instances the lesions are so massed as to

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1892-3, xvi, 1-9. — Fratiiii (F.) Sulla difficolt;\ delta

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on the other — and this continued until death. Repeated exami-

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sulphide, is promptly deodorized by the peroxide, and with a sufficient amount

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specially authorized cases. Music, ethics, and physical culture only may be

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many otherwise good examples have to be rejected for this reason. The

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1056-1061. — Farrcll. Double .salpingitis; coeliotomy; re-

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penetrate towards its central axis, by the exercise of a little

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(kei-atometry). Ann. Ophth., St. Louis, 1897, vi, 4.54-459.—

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tion is uncommon. It may, in the absence of inflammatory symptoms,

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antiseptic measures ("objective antisepsis"). The writer had

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affection. The oedema is generally first observed on the face, particularly

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silver, that they may not touch thy body : have them

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the virus fort were as follows : (a) Out of the 60 " protected "

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The changes which follow the introduction of a virus into

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The paralysis produced in this way is rarely complete and marked ;

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From the above abstracts it will be seen that " otorrhoea," " myrin-