- The prognosis depends upon the constitution and general condition
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of our present sanitary legislation will depend upon the coming
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Prussia, the other extreme prevails, for there are not more than
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of which 2,210 were employes. Trainmen killed, 1,155; switchmen, 273;
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change preventing free respiration through the nares ;
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corpuscles of this region are extremely short, and it is sup-
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In 1820 this Journal underwent another metamorphosis, it
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secluded places, and among their sparse population, opportunities oc-
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of starch. In December, 1909, she was prostrated with an infection
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be held in the natural nursing position while being fed
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ing, in most instances, a perforation into the gen-
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tissue induration, and finally ossification, which begins in
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17. Fanoni : Report of Six Cases of Pneamonla Treated with
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will find that the loss of temperature has been three times as great after the cessation of arti-
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but incisions did not reveal any ecchymosis. The whole of the
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The influenza epidemic was, of course, the greatest disturbing ele-
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the spinal cord, but that it is disease of development,
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Point for point and dollar for dollar, it epitomizes "next to the
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In case of tenderness, inflammation or congestion of any of
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constant use night and day, in the small-pox wards ; the
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be vaccinated for tuberculosis — certainly before the fifth year — vi^ith the
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wliethi-r tile history of the |)resrnt epidemic corroho-
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typical — namely, disturbed sleep, startling dreams, sudden awak-