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authorise th^m to request him to bring in the Bill in its
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Magazinf. Thierheilk. B. xi und xii. See Heusiiiger, p. 62.
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Very often he keeps a record of his symptoms, and in the con-
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the operation. M. Morel mentioned during the discussion that he had had an
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serum of an immunised dog. These viri are usually inoculated under the
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insufficient for nutriment. A dog fed on pure white bread lived only
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to that described by Dr. Livingstone in his letter to Sir James Clark in 18.59 ;
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parison of the absolute value obtained by a hemoglobinometer thus
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light board, which was long enough to extend from the upper
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that the functions of the organ were somewhat impaired.
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to anchor a sufficient amount of anaphylactic antibodies for protec-
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subsequent visit in the same illness. In midwifery cases the
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size as to lie x)erceptil)le to the naked eye, and sometimes on a par-
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to the English edition by the editor. Dr. Pringle, while brief, is
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Gofman: Why internal medicine? That was interesting. I
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which is well, but reproduction is permitted, which is ill.
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Henry Charlton Bastian, M.B. Lond., SI , Avenue-road,
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rexia and listlessness of one week’s duration. The pres-
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cious management, the disease may not advance to this stage. There seems
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parts, necessitates the fluid condition of the animal elements, in
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nervous complications. They are due to a variety of pathological
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protruding on the surface. These nodules are most abundant at the junction of
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Aox^ {Centralblatt fur die Med. Wiss., 1879, P- 377) > ^^^ finds
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Of that necessary rest which was their due. Not long ago, a charity student in the
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,antention to destroy it. A question of a purely medical nature will then
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barrels of eastern Raspberry leaves, 5001bs. of Pleurisy
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length, and situated at the bulbo- membranous portion of the