pression of the carotid artery upon the exophthalmos is much less than in
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fellows that the enamel had not been worn off their
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nourishment is indispensable in this pulmonary derangement.
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siderable intrusion into the privacy of their relationship. The AMA continues to
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Hagedorn needle through the skin in the temporal fossa down behind
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New York, to deliver the Harrington lectures for 1903. The
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the mouth, and hold the tongue down with the handle of a tea-
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in the legislature, certain bills against physiologic ex-
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Another colon-like organism, designated as B. viorbificans bovis, w^as
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more specially attracted attention. Sometimes generalized and sometimes local,
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urinary indican determinations. Hany additional new procedures were
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the adjacent structures to the presence of such a large
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result of anatomical lesions of the liver or terial growth when dissolved in normal
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ever shown any signs of the disease — an important diagnostic fact,
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them for examination. They were described as being pale,
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progress and duration of this process, to the chief of which it will be proper*
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2. In every experimental condition the cerebral circulation seems pas-
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therefore, at all times, be prevented from having access to food
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benefit programs indicate that these programs have been
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the thermometer, properly used, is all that is needed in the large major-
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and the suppression of function spreads reflexly to the other kidney. That