alopecia areata is said to have been observed; bald patches on the

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tively neglected. A major reason for this neglect is that it is

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In the same cases. Report of 11 cases. Method of making eultares.

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Epilepsie. Deutsche Ztschr. f. Chir., Leipz., 1893, xxxvi,

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slide with rice paper and stained with Leischman's stain. A large

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gm. (Period 1) to 7.33 gm. (Period 5), or a difference of 4.47 gm.,

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asymptomatic ventricular tachycardia occurred in two individuals administered

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in the lymphatic vessels, lymphatic glands, kidneys, and other o^^gans ;

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i.r. - I'l.'i ciiini.' Iii^ il'.iili. Ii i- ini)'..--lMi' l.. -.i;. tlu' ...ui'-'' ..t ilic

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Heilk. in Dresd., 189(;-7, 52. | DiscMssion], 54.— l?l yiitcr

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hemispheres. The symptoms now present are persistent headache,

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a complete tear into the rectum, episiotomy should not be

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so evidently one of prolapse that no questions had been asked about lactation,

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type resembling that of biliary colic. The pain complained of

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this result was obtained by thirty-three cauterizations, fourteen

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1948. Pierson, Daniel B., Jr., 740 Beacon Lane, Merion, Pa. (19066)

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on pine jepijeb 2 pa paetep peocan jebpijep Bap pylpan

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The Wisconsin Medical Journal (ISSN 0043-6542) is the official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin and is

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Fever being due to a poison multiplying itself in the blood,

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recovery in a few weeks ? I am afraid he has never ope -

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occasional. In 1764, Dr. Andrew Morris, a graduate of the

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ampton and the neighbourhood before they were referred even

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about equally valuable. It must be remembered that the function of

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zation be a better word ? The French acclimatement is euphonious

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unique in that there was so little hemorrhage. The author of

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cataract operation, the danger to life from ether, the absurdity that

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physical examination, an examination of the urine, noting

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In the January number of the " Practitioner " Dr. G. A. Gib-

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is lost and the time is shortened as much as possible. Com-

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of serum treatment based on the influence of microscopic examination

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color names, but it is inadvisable, as the color blind have ways of

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