results agree with those of Ducrocq, Drosdorf, and Zuntz.
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MacCallum's 8 cases being essentially intrathoracic, although in 2 there
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the splendid experiments which give him the highest pleasure, he dis-
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1971) which has become known as "The Bennett Amendment
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want at high altitudes. But the excess of lactic acid formed during
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Prof. Lockwood (quizzing) — '" ^\'hat is wrong with the patient? "
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ceedingly fetid expectoration that is usually quite profuse. WTien abundant,
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the tissues of the skin are deeply injected, and this line is evidently the result
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tosis, we cannot regard their presence as pathognomonic
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Generally speaking, hyperleukocytosis is the rule in acute nephritis ;
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the latter state, characterized by a pasty tongue, anorexia,
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fringes of greenish imperfectly organized lymph, and contained about two
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destroy the function of speech and yet not be extensive enough to
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7. For alleviating pains of the side, take of pepper, aristolochy, nard, and
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