appropriated by the House of Delegates to defray the

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JAMES M. KOLB, JR., M.D., F.A.C.S.*t ROBERT H. MAY, M.D., F.A.C.S.*t

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" * But not only phthisis may be reasonably considered to have

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ration is carried on the person of the men and in the trains, and con-

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The patient was a middle-aged man, who, after an illness of six

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the insurers. The jury thought that, although there had been concealment, it

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' ble suppuration. This may account for the limited

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keeping the wound well retracted. There is considerable hemor-

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Director for the East, International Health Board, Rockefeller Foundation; For-

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remained well for 2 years. At this time she had an attack

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case arose from the remains of the amniotic sac ; and it

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August l^th. — He complained of pains in his legs and knees.

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to avoid its cumulative action. On account of the stimulant

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dissection with a view to enucleation, but after working about half an

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Ten and one-half per cent of the cases were diagnosed under

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are practising medicine, or pretending to do so, and yet

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is like malleable iron ; tough, can cut, can be used

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the pneumogastric, as possessed of motor and sensory properties. Schiff also found

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a very much better antiseptic, its use is commendable.

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rheumatism, for these two are wont to flourish together,

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