been present in either case it would have been admitted ;

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a translation of the popular French work, " Le Grant Herbier," the

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eral. Granted leave of absence for one month, with per-

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force to the lips but not spit out, and the mouth and fauces were

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much greater in proportion than the increase of popula-

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it most may fail to secure the same, unless the attending physi-

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the rabbit is not highly susceptible to the glanders bacillus and

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* Series V., No. 30, represented in the * Hospital Reports/ vol. V., pi. I.

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more of the expensive therapeutic treatments rather than cheaper preventive measures. For example a person who

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S. 4171 passed by the Senate and now pending In the House. . It

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erately warm, for fear that the sickness should ^ strike in.** If my

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the dental artery bleeds, it should be stopped with a little

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Agricultural College and Experiment Station 1159, 235 00

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found. A long duration of the disease is no proof of the presence of

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and the lid was dropped. He could not feel moderate touches on the left ftuie^

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5t contains, has irritant properties, and often produces in the female pruritus

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" Resolved, That siiice literary excellence is best developed by litera-

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from imperfect nutrition, produces the tj^pical stellate white

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2. In every experimental condition the cerebral circulation seems pas-

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Smith and Kilborne : Investigations into the Nature, Causation, and Prevention