soluble in water; rcadilv soluble in alcohol. Used as a substitute
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and that they commenced working in it only a short time
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be isolated from the intestinal discharges, and the intestinal mucosa of "a
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appointee, is to be restricted in his duties to the business adminis-
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favorable to good health. These gases are caused by
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the appropriate poison. Thus, a guinea pig which is very susceptible
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Yan Hovenberg, Henry, Kingston, Ulster Co. Original.
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spread into the other towns, especially in the most
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Lancet, Lond.. 1886, ii, 115.— Jennings {■}. E.) An im-
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A. Wash externally with a solution of Tincture of Iodine
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which will be held at the close of the second year of Medical
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most diverse methods of treatment and medication have been proposed and a vast
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ingly, has reached a high point of perfection; vegetable chemis-
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troduce as few of them as he possibly could. For the most part, the
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at near cautery point, effected a cure in two weeks.
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gradually diminish in size, from one end to the other,
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Tv. Pan- Am. M. Coua:. 1893, Wasb., 1895, pt. 1, 263. .
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a half days; Cellia argyrotarsis, twelve -days. The larval stage of
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foot. If the cause for pain involves the foot itself, the
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" concrete " and " positive " our knowledge has become within
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of bony structures, or the exact muscles affected by various
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5 cc. of this solution for Kjeldahl determination required 3.26 cc. of 0.1 N HCl,
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remainder of the lung is pale grayish white, crepitant, with a rather moist cut
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1030; acid; no alliumins. no sugar, no casts, no bile.
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sideration both for the interests of the I'niversity and of
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epidemic extended to England in October, when " a certain
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ministered upwards of one thousand thorough Thomso-
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in which all his cases were very light he was warranted
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the two extreme conditions. We have all seen ataxic symptoms pro-
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78 Mr. Yellowlees — Psychotherapy in General Practice.
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activity of the Army Medical Department at Washington in a
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partially remedies this by bending the healthy hip out by means of a com-
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pulmonary tuberculosis only when pronounced. Albumoses are said
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year, Swoboda advises daily doses of 5 grains, and in older children not