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India, admitted into St. Thomas's Hospital on August 6.

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children at the out-patient departments who run along

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The roentgen ray is the one agent upon which we depend to

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liver, such as carcinoma and cirrhosis, may occur without even a glycosuria

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The last member in this sequence was the pancreatic infusion;

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Blood pressure. Pulse in 15 seconds. Bespiration in 15 seconds.

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on the flexures of joints, and on the abdomen, lliere

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cause there has been in the past, and is now, too much empiricism

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influence of a gentle primary induced current, but both galvanic and

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ogy of malaria, such as hemorrhage of the retina, of the nerve cen-

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stages of febrile disorders, or after the administration of narcotics

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favourable, though a rare termination of liver abscess.