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able Board of Instruction ; and the facilities to be enjoyed by students are, in every way,
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Dr. Newman sums up the advantages of nephrorrhaphy over extirpation
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bitten, spent two years in prison, and then developed hydrophobia and
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causes of occurrences of relapse in persons who have previously had
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June, July, August, and September, 106 deaths occurred, or nearly one-
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with the physiological action of the superior oblique as explained above.
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cerebellum to guide or synergise the energy supplied by the cerebrum.
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by the observations of Salvioli, Bizzozero, and Vassale, who found numerous
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med. ital. Milan, 1898, xxxvii. p. 502.— 187. Schilling. Bcutsch. vied. Ztg. 1895,
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rapid return to normal, and a recurrence of the attack after a variable
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France did not escape from the perforation craze, and Itard. Boyer and
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says the active principle has been shown to be a glucoside