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"Whether Smith's death arose from accident, or whether he com-

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the urine, even after a single alcoholic excess, often contains abnormal

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with the pregnant uterus at parturition. The intimal pads

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Ttndnng f'H)'o».— Saml. N. Squire, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S.A., to the

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beverages and food-stuffs that are consumed regularly and in large

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while more than 2000 are reported in New- York alone,

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the egg. The red chromatophores respond much more slowly to an

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It is possible that the phenomena may be explained without resort to the theory of the

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observers may differ as to whether the malady should be classified as

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number of cases still come to the surgeon only when operative meas-

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Keith, so as to enable him publicly to perform the operation

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Anatomical Characters. — In subacute or mild cases, the inflanmia-

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classes, and '* that a healthy condition of the nervous system

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marked tendency to resolve under general antisyphilitic treatment.

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but that some diversity must exist in the character of the

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toring, whether governmental or internal, are inadequate as

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2 cases 5 baths only were given ; in i case, 4 baths ;

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diaphragmatic portion of the right side, which contains

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pustular ring is often formed at the margin of the scab with a red

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are lost, and crimes are often committed the thought of which would not

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tent and estivo-autumnal malarial fever. The tertian form is the

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One death, Csesarean Section, unaccompanied by temperature.

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almost invariably mark the termination of malignant

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Among the other disorders, resulting from an attack

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heart and arteries — an action that will vary from Alpha to Omega, while