been the only disease associated with HTLV-I infection. 22
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mata, and, in their early beginning, with lupus, but the con-
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Its spread is not much influenced by local winds. It does not travel
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Metabolism experiments on this dog have been reported.^ There was severe
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scientific principles, whence was parliament to derive
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cesses, but wliotber with puncture of tbe drum-head or not he
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The tumour when removed weighed HJ lb., and on the Uth
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having anything deviating from the common course of nature belonging
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ful results were obtained in 3.85 per cent. Studies of the cord blood
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ingly new in their plan, as quinine, chlorate of potash,
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— tuberculosis of the lungs upon which is engrafted a
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motor aphasia and agraphia, weakness of the muscles of the neck and
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Mr. Hutchinson said one of tho affected brothers had been
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ilays tlie sputa were so scanty that specimens could not be obtained for
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amounting to its absolute disorganization, is the most constant and the
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rheumatic fever, and on another occasion an essay on angina pectoris,
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to weigh sixty pounds, died on Sunday, May 3d, in this city, after nine
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the organs enormous numbers of parasites were found.
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Read in the Section on Obstetrics and Diseases of Women, at
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often suggests some other time and scene where this
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state, in its original constitution (1802, Art. VI., Sec. 7),
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these affections existed. The signs are also to be taken in connection with
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iii, 1, p. li'iC). He advises tlie application of the constant
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the ventricle, or at the surface of the hemisphere, which will be an-
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color of the latter, or bleaches it, making the mixture
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{b) An infant, aged lo weeks, after excision of a SUBOC-