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not be condemned without learning more of its effects.

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utilization of carbohydrate are almost invariably acid in character, and

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dry, or smooth and moist ; also, where the tongue is dry and

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the strangulated part, then anything that hastens the pro-

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cautions are being taken against it, and the meclical

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Sawin. At the suggestion of Dr. Sawin, we administered Morph.

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suppurative hepatitis. (3) Attributing the fever symptomatic of liver

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phases. There is at first a deposition of the micrococci in the suben-

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or less fixed on the affected side'and displaced to-

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insensibility is produced. The ease induced often continues

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the instrument the moment it was introduced, the latter was

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from the humdrum of his agreeable tasks, his cheated hopes and

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admitted that in certain rare instances nature is re-

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In order to diminish the temperature in firerooms and thus improve the con-

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marked that, in view of the classical definition of the tertian, we can-

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Of the typical morbid anatomy, apart from complications, little is

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infancy or early childhood— the most recent being 23 years old.

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to the body-weight, as is required by the guinea-pig. The number

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Dr. Bangs, of New York, was glad to hear that others

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auMsthesia of the face is on the side of the lesion, which

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yellow fever, cholera, and plague have been reported to the

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gested margins, and gray, (edematous bases. They are situated

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persons produce complete agraphia — nothing more than slow and tedious

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crankery, selfishness, and " pure cussedness " as had ma-

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swelling of the glands in the groin and axilla, phlebitis,

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conditions are unfavorable to vegetative existence, by the formation of

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Mrs. Clarke, was left alone in the dining-room with that