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The fifty-fifth annual meeting of this, the largest


should be those which excite prompt and efficient vomiting without

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show some degree of localized unilateral deviation in verte-

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occurred in both classes of patients, and two in this

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6. Report of the Executive Committee, the President, ^-officio, Chair-

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a wet towel. This proves a safeguard to the injurious in-

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by adding to two parts of sterile two-per-cent. nutrient agar, one part

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in our city obtain medical care, including compara-

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gout, or some slight inflammation after injury, in a

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receive reinforced information and counseling about

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upon, a steady massage of the pelves of the kidneys,

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a combination of both factors. If the renal threshold be high it may

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fested on some part of the neuron itself, whose destruction leads to

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in the scientific world, and today, we can recognize three

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soldering — and a body specially susceptible to the

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there can be no doubt. There is evidence, not to be gainsayed,

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medicine and affiliated sciences and was a delegate to the