Hydrocele. — Hydrocele is a collection of serous fluid or dropsy of

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help in the slightest degree to explain the nature of the lesion.

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the wife of an officer, in Magdeburg, in less than a fortnight, of a

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Astragalinus tristis L., North America ; T. paddcB L. and Mesnil 1904, in Padda

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deaths but 9, which was a surprisingly small mortality, and

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regard their occurrence as certain evidence of defi-

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little pus for a week or two, and then closed again. The leg gradually grew sUtmger.

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typical — namely, disturbed sleep, startling dreams, sudden awak-

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thyself up warm, Leechbook, lib. I. cap. xlvii. 1, 2.

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rectum. It finally died suddenly, having been perfectly clear

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pellagra in June, 1911. She continued at work until late in the summer, when

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one minute and a quarter; the respiration was hurried, the eyes staring, and

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The kitchen. Effect of cooking on foods. Roiling, stewing, soup-

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of Great Britain ; (2) that it is becoming less common