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the small air conduits, opening into the cells, and rilling the cells
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of cancer of the breast show the same difference. All
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and giant cells. The microscopical sections thus resemble closely both tuberculo-
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Y., under the influence of a secret order of Irishmen,
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has very little influence upon the system. He says that this
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she had never entirely recovered ; that her present ailments were
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the Tincture of Veratrum Viride in }4 glass of water, and give 1
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washes the wound from within outward; (c) it does not
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the lower part of the forehead during the attack, but most of the sensations
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are casts from the ureters. Upon irrigating the bladder I think the
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definite and obvious symptoms ; and consider successively all diseases which
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cular development. He looked about fourteen years of age.
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and the narrow bridge, which is intended to support the neighborhood