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ries of man ; and the object of Mr. Crampton in this paper is,
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presumably at the chiasma, and proceed together to the centre of vision.
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'' An epidemic of scarlatina occurred at the Charleston (S. C.)
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of organic substance was eftected. As practitioners of
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5. Neubcrg, C: Der Harn. Berlin, 1911; Tranter, C. L., and Rowe, A. H.:
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there. The wards in which these were discovered were quarantined
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Under treatment with calomel and serum injections the process was
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in that a superstitious people accorded the physician
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the Veterans Home and Hospital in Rocky Hill retiring in
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famous species and is found in Florida and the neighboring states. They
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formation concerning it is very limited. The following
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Jews and becoming incorporated into the Mosaic laws, which placed
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should eat in order to become strong and robust and enable them to
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subside and the rational and safe remedy, which we have in the
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Day-schools for deaf-mutes have thus been established
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from different parts of the body and found that new yellow elastic tissue fibers
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nothing of the symptoms or treatment ; for we believe it would do mis-
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like the rest of the face and neck. Hearing is unaffected.
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apertures, the results of a disorganizing process which has com-
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0.14 per cent. The increase in sugar lasted less than
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after which the disease may begin suddenly with a chill, but more usually
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With the forms of apparatus described, the physician has all the
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Therefore management no longer consists of merely giving glucose or
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following course of treatment should be adopted, and will usually succeed
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the morbid products of animals which have died of blood disease.
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soning — Toxic Foods: Phalllne Poisoning — Tre-
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Many facts indicate that the inhibition of one nerve-
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floating population, and this period more than includes all that