than those offered in the above argument. The passions of

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Alumni Association of Woman's Medical College, College of

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])rinciples. A large proportion of the mortality in the early weeks of

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Dk. Arthur W. Mayburry, 569 Spadina Avenue, Toronto,

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ing it to 1-114 sp. gr., and adding sufficient saturated solution

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subject to toxic influences, we quote from Rosenfeld, the champion of the

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cised, a slight rub can be felt as if two uneven surfaces were moving over

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easy by repeated hemorrhages, nor by wasting nutritional

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tention was principally fixed on the conditions following

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epidemics or epizootics ; its various modes of propagation ;

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measures than catheterism, as to render some form of

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hydrocarbons, small amounts of carbonic-acid gas and

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Gout and glycosuria. — Gout and glycosuria have been

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Tumors of the Liver. — Abscess, hydatid cyst, and carcinoma in the

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The patient had been treated by purgatives, diuretics and

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occurred four months after the primary lesion. This he recovered from, and

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enlarged and pulpy as a rule. The heart may show myocardial alterations —

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simply monstrous. There are two hypotheses, at least, under

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As regards medication, finally, very little or nothing at

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nati and two in the Ohio Medical College, and graduated in the

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Occasionally associated and a|)parently identical with fibro-

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The same conditions that induce pyloric spasm, namely, nervous and direct

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At the University of Michigan there are assembled about 5600 young

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rheumatic fever, and on another occasion an essay on angina pectoris,

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These were the conditions at the time of operation,

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does not fly by any marvelous or extraordinary process. He rests on the air ;

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formities of all kinds. Dr. B. is an intelligent man, well read in the

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whereby he might have been infected. It is but proper to

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cases I introduced a probe of twenty-five centimetres in length

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• support your specific instructions to the patient.

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Pus mixed with air may then be seen to be driven downwards. Gentle

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were asked to drag the canal at the spot indicated in

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sium chlorate, by the method of Fresenius and v. Babo, and the lead sought for in

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great danger to the heart in those who suffered from any

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experienced by him from an organic disease with which

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the diverigiog posterior pillars of the fornix : also